Old podcast - Eli Schragenheim & Bill Dettmer - Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed: Integrating the System from End to End

This content is from my old podcast host, published in 2007.

Hi everyone, I've just completed a fascinating interview with two of the TOC Worlds most brilliant and innovative thinkers. Bill Dettmer and Eli Schragenheim. 

Although the focus of the interview is on their new book "Supply Chain Management at Warp Speed" we also wander off into some other fascinating areas. They've got some great book recommendations between them, for example. Plus they talk about their next publishing efforts. Oh, and Bill mentions the key reason why you'd want to buy the book - it's the first public viewing of the TOC solution to ************** (you'll have to listen to find out). I can't tell you how pleasurable this session was for me - to chat with two of my heroes.  

You can order the book here:



Clarke chats with Philip Marris - Advanced thinking AND Back to TOC Basics

I spent a couple of FASCINATING days with Philip Marris, earlier this Spring, in Paris. It was, for me, an eye-opening, "back to basics" experience. I'm not the sort of person who takes notes, but I took a lot of notes!  I'm delighted Philip agreed to a podcast so that, hopefully, we can share some of that "back to basics" wisdom around the world.  Video and Audio follow ...

(And, thanks to Christian Hohmann, for his help making the video look better. Apologies for some of the sound issues while I'm speaking - fortunately, Philip does most of the talking!)



Lisa Ferguson on her year with Eli Goldratt

I've finally published my book!  Yay!  So, it's back to podcasting with TOC and Agile thinkers.

We start with TOCThinker Lisa Ferguson, talking about her year working as Eli Goldratt's "apprentice", her book, and her work with and  Lisa and her colleagues have got a bunch of great looking online webinars and training courses coming up over the following months - including 1 where she goes even deeper into the details of her book, which will be out real soon.  Check out their website.  I can't wait!

We've got audio and video of our 1 hour skype conversation.  

I hope you enjoy!   I've got 2 TOC heavy-thinkiers lined up.  Email me on ... if you've got any comments or suggestions.  

Clarke -