Announcement: New book - Chucking Rocks at the Universe

Hello my friends.  You can read my new book, as I write it in an agile (incremental and iterative) way, by going here.  That's the google Docs version and it currently has the first 2 installments - about 2,000 words worth - and it will keep growing 'til January the 20th, when it will be published. 

At least, that's what I intend. This is an Agile project and I'll be structuring the book, and planning its construction, in way where, unless something really shitty happens, I will hit the date. 

What's it about?  Sorry, but you'll have to subscribe to the blog (via email or rss) to see. I'm sharing my thinking as I go along (that is actually part of the content) and so far I have a fixed date, a working title, a cover and a whole lot of work ahead of me. 

If that answer doesn't grab your attention:  it's about Agile, but with the boring bits taken out. 


clarke ching

Clarke Ching is an expert in the application of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to Agile software development. He is author of Rocks into Gold and Rolling Rocks Downhill (BETA). He gained Scrum certification from Ken Schwaber in Scotland in 2004 and now works as the Lean and Agile internal expert at The Royal London Group. Clarke focuses on Cash-Flow-Driven-Development and the use of positive psychology to help project teams flourish.