Tips for the New Year - or not.

My family and I have been holiday in New Zealand for the last month. I was born here but I've lived away for almost 20 years and it's always a pleasant surprise when I come back.  The weather is delightful, the fishing is fun, and the food & wine is impossibly good, but most of all, I get to see my family (and friends) face to face.

Here's something that always suprises me, as an infrequent visitor: you don't TIP here AND yet you still get fantastic, friendly, fast service.

The last time I was over here, I forgot you don't tip and I left $50 sitting on the restaurant table.  They had my number (from when I booked) and the restaurant manager called me up, saying, "You accidentally left some money on your table.  How can we get it back to you?".  I said it was a tip because they looked after us so well.  They said I was very generous, but it wasn't necessary.

People get paid a fair wage and they just do a good job because that's their job and they want to do a good job.   



clarke ching

Clarke Ching is an expert in the application of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to Agile software development. He is author of Rocks into Gold and Rolling Rocks Downhill (BETA). He gained Scrum certification from Ken Schwaber in Scotland in 2004 and now works as the Lean and Agile internal expert at The Royal London Group. Clarke focuses on Cash-Flow-Driven-Development and the use of positive psychology to help project teams flourish.