Best tip ever for talk/speech presentation ...

I’ve got a big speech/presentation to give tomorrow afternoon at the Lean Agile Scotland conference. I’m the closing keynote. I feel a lot of responsibility because, as the last speaker, if I screw up then it’s a horrible way for folk to finish 3 days worth of an otherwise wonderful conference.

Frankly - between you and I - I’m a still a little bit nervous. 

So tonight I’ve gone back to my hotel room to practice and, while doing so, I’ve had a brilliant idea. You know how they say that if you’re nervous when you’re giving a talk you should just pretend everyone in the audience is naked, and then the nervousness will go away? Well, I’m a bit nervous, so I’ve stripped off and I’m rehearsing in front of the mirror, butt naked.

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clarke ching

Clarke Ching is an expert in the application of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to Agile software development. He is author of Rocks into Gold and Rolling Rocks Downhill (BETA). He gained Scrum certification from Ken Schwaber in Scotland in 2004 and now works as the Lean and Agile internal expert at The Royal London Group. Clarke focuses on Cash-Flow-Driven-Development and the use of positive psychology to help project teams flourish.