Want to go faster? Some surprising advice from one of the world's fastest men

If you've got 3 minutes to spare then PLEASE watch the following two videos.  The first, Lucy in the chocolate factory, clearly demonstrates one of the most common problems in manufacturing and agile.  The second - Paul Hollywood interviewing racing great Stirling Moss, which I nabbed from the BBC last weekend - is the solution.

Might be the most useful 3 minutes of your life.  Honest.


clarke ching

Clarke Ching is an expert in the application of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints to Agile software development. He is author of Rocks into Gold and Rolling Rocks Downhill (BETA). He gained Scrum certification from Ken Schwaber in Scotland in 2004 and now works as the Lean and Agile internal expert at The Royal London Group. Clarke focuses on Cash-Flow-Driven-Development and the use of positive psychology to help project teams flourish.